L-6 universal industrial electron-beam Installation for melting and depositing of metals and alloys


The outstanding feature of the universal industrial electron-beam Installation lies in the fact that it can be used for:


1. Melting metals and alloys and producing shaped ingots of the diameter from 70 to 300 mm and up to 2000 mm long or blocks sized from 70x70 to 300x300 mm and up to 2000 mm long;

2. Application of coating on turbine blades of the maximum size: diameter 300 mm, length 550 mm;

3. Production of composite vapour-condensed materials of the dispersion-strengthened, microlayered and microporous types in the form of sheet rolls with the diameter up to 750 mmand thickness up to 5 mm.


Our company has designed two types of industrial electron-beam plants based on electron-beam heaters with hot ribbon-type cathode and gas-discharge heaters with cold cathode. 



Универсальная промышленная электронно-лучевая установка Л-6_1
Универсальная промышленная электронно-лучевая установка Л-6_2

1. Process chamber

2. Loading chamber

3. Horizontal feeder mechanism for workpieces to be coated

4. Vertical suspension mechanism for workpieces to be coated

5. Meltable ingot feeder mechanism

6. Ingot feeding mechanism 

7. Ingot

8. Vacuum system

9. Cooling system

10. Fore-vacuum pumps

11. Plant power supply system

12. Operator’s place




                                                                   Technical parameters of the Installation

Parameter Description Value
 Installed power, kW 300
 Electron-beam gun (EB gun) accelerating voltage, kV  20

 Quantity and rated power of EB guns, n x kW


 Maximum size of meltable billets, mm:
   - cross-section
   - length



 Size of output ingots, mm:
   - diameter, cross-section

   - length


70 - 300x300

 Quantity of simultaneously used melting crystallizers 1
 Size of evaporable ingots, mm
   - diameter
   - length


up to 500

 Maximum size of condensation surface, mm

   - flat rectangular surface
   - flat round surface
   - cylindrical surface:

        - diameter
        - length





 Load capacity of horizontal feeder mechanism for workpiece to be coated, kg 50
 Load capacity of suspension mechanism for workpiece to be coated, kg 100
 Floor space required, m2 140
 Operating vacuum level inside process chamber, Pa  6x10-3 - 1x10-2