B-5 Industrial Electron-beam Installation for Melting Precious Metals and Alloys


This specialized electron-beam Installation is intended for melting precious metals and precious-metal-based alloys. The plant is provided with an additional internal chamber ("confinement"), which significantly reduces irrecoverable loss of metal in the course of melting.


The high-purity precious metal and alloy production technology is protected by Ukrainian Patent No. 200808911 dd. 17 July 2008.



                                                                 Technical parameters of the Plant 


 Parameter Description Value
 Installed power, kW 280
 Three-phase 50-Hz industrial frequency mains voltage, V  380
 Electron-beam gun (EB gun) accelerating voltage, kV  20
 Quantity and rated power of EB guns, n x kW


 Output ingot diameter, mm 74
 Length of output ingot, mm 500
 Cross section of meltable workpiece, mm 130x160
 Vacuum level inside process chamber, Pa  6x10-3 - 1x10-2



B-5 Plant design (side view)
B-5 Plant design (top view)
B-5 Melting chamber design
Chamber of B-5

1. Control panel

2. Vacuum system

3. Cooling system

4. Fore-vacuum pumps

5. Ingot drawing system

6. Plant power supply system

7. Control cabinet

8. Ingot feeder mechanism

9. Operator’s place

10. Ingot

11. Crystallizer

12. Intermediate vessel

13. Workpiece

14. "Confinement"

15. Electronic gun

16. Gun chamber

17. Process chamber