L-5 Industrial Installation for Material and Coating obtaining by EB-PVD method

ELTECHMACH has designed the industrial electron-beam equipment for obtaining materials and coatings by high-speed evaporation and subsequent condensation of metal and non-metal materials on a substrate in the vacuum environment. The equipment allows to use a number of process techniques (vapour flow management by way of separation and alternation, substrate rotation and temperature monitoring and management, etc.) in the automatic or semi-automatic mode.


The output composite, porous, dispersion-strengthened, microlayered and gradient-type materials may be in the form of rolls of sheet material with the diameter up to 1000 mm and thickness up to 5 mm.


The technology of production of the said materials is protected by Ukrainian Patent No. 74155 dd. 15 November 2005.



                                                                Technical parameters of the Installation


 Parameter Description Value
 Installed power, kW 280
 Three-phase 50-Hz industrial frequency mains voltage, V  380
 Electron-beam gun (EB gun) accelerating voltage, kV  20
 Quantity and rated power of EB guns, n x kW


 Max. diameter of substrate to be coated, mm 1000
 Condensate thickness, mm 0,1-5
 Rate of condensation, µm/min:
    - for metal
    - for ceramics


up to 50
up to 5

 Number of crucibles *, pcs.
   - 100-mm diameter
   - 70-mm diameter



 Length of evaporated ingots, mm 500
 Ingot feed rate, mm/min 0,28-280
 Load capacity of workpiece suspension and rotation mechanism, kg 100
 Weight (tentative) of plant, ton 20
 Floor space required, m2 80
 Operating vacuum level inside process chamber, Pa  6x10-3 - 1x10-2


*The crucibles are interchangeable and may be arranged in any sequence




Design of the working chamber L-5 (1)
Design of the working chamber L-5 (2)
Design of Electron-beam Plant L-5 (1)
Design of Electron-beam Plant L-5 (2)

1. Process chamber

2. Gun chamber

3. Workpieces

4. Electronic guns

5. Crucible unit

6. Damper

7. Workpiece suspension and rotation mechanism

8. Ingot feeder mechanism

9. Vacuum system

10. Cooling system

11. Viewing system

12. Control panel

13. Control cabinets

14. Screens

15. High-voltage lead-in

16. Handling manipulator




Электронно-лучевая установка L5
Промышленная электронно-лучевая установка Л-5_4