L-4 Industrial Electron-beam Installation for Melting Metals and Alloys

ELTECHMACH has developed an industrial electron-beam Installation for refining and melting of material into ingots and blocks. This industrial equipment allows to melt feedstock either directly into the crystallizer or via an intermediate vessel. The feedstock may be in the form of ingots, lumps, rods, and any kind of waste, e.g. compressed chips (shavings).


The equipment yields high-quality ingots and blocks, according to the chemical and phase composition requirements, of high-reactive and refractory metals, such as tungsten, titanium, molybdenum, niobium, hafnium, zirconium, nickel, copper, cobalt and iron; heat-resistant and heatproof alloys, as well as intermetallides such as Ti3AI, TiAl, Ni3AI, NiAI, etc. 


The Installation equipped a glow discharge guns with cold cathode.


                                                                 Technical parameters of the Installation 


 Parameter Description Value
 Installed power, kW 460
 Three-phase 50 Hz industrial frequency mains voltage, V  380
 Electron-beam gun (EB gun) accelerating voltage, kV  30

 Quantity and rated power of EB guns, n x kW 


 Maximum size of billet to be melted, mm:
   - cross-section
   - length



 Maximum size of output ingots, mm:
   - cross-section
   - length



 Ingot feeding rate, mm/min 8,5-850
 Dimensions of the molds, included to the Installation, mm

ø70, ø100, ø130

 Dimensions of the intermediate tank, mm


 Vacuum level inside process chamber, Pa 1x10-2 - 1x10-3
 Floor space required, m2 65
 Weight of plant, ton 20



Front view L-4
Plan view L-4
Scheme of melting chamber (1)
Scheme of melting chamber (2)

1. Process chamber

2. Electronic gun unit

3. Meltable workpiece feeding mechanism

4. Ingot feeding mechanism

5. Ingot

6. Vacuum system

7. Cooling system

8. Fore-vacuum pumps

9. Plant power supply system

10. Operator’s place



Electron-beam plant L-4 (1)
Electron-beam plant L-4 (2)