L-2 universal multi-purpose electron-beam Installation

L-2 Installation designed for:


- re-melting of metals and alloys for refining and producing of cylinder-shaped ingots;

- combined melting of ingots of different initial metals in order to derive pure alloys, including intermetallide alloys, such as Ni3AI, TiAl;

- evaporation and depositing protective and structural (thick) metal, ceramic-metal, and ceramic coatings on flat surfaces and surfaces of the body-of-revolution type, including gas turbine blades;

- synthesis in the process of phisical vapour deposition of various substances, refractory compounds, (carbides, cilicides, borides) and intermetallides, and generating thin and thick coatings;

- obtaining of dispersion dispersion-strengthened, microlayered and microporous materials in the form of coatings and massive substrate-detachable ingots;

- obtaining of thin and thick coatings from superconductor ceramics;

- obtaining of coatings from carbon non-equilibrium phase.


                                                                Technical Data of the Installation

 Parameter Description Value
 Installed power, kW 280
 Three-phase 50 Hz industrial frequency mains voltage, V 380
 Electron-beam gun (EB gun) accelerating voltage, kV 20
 Quantity and rated power of EB guns, n x kW


 Vacuum level inside process chamber, Pa  6x10-3 - 1x10-2
 Condensation surface sizing, mm:

   - flat rectangular surface

   - flat round surface (diameter)

   - cylindrical surface:

        - diameter

        - length





 Condensate thickness, mm   0,1-5

 Rate of condensation, µm/minute:

   - for metal
   - for ceramics


up to 40
up to 4

 Number of crucibles, pcs. 3
 Evaporated ingot diameter, mm 70
 Evaporated ingot length, mm 400
 Smelted ingot diameter, mm  74
 Smelted ingot length, mm up to 390
 Horizontal shaft load capacity, kg 30
 Vertical shaft load capacity, kg 100
 Floor space required, m2 60


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